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Party Games Hire

Dance Machine

Party Games Hire

Creating an atmosphere like no other this is the simulator that has been attracting crowds all over the world.

Join the Dance Dance Revolution!

It's everywhere - move your feet to the beat of the techno music using a large dance mat. Follow the arrows on the screen and experience Dance Dance Revolution.

Loads of fun for all. This simulator comes as a twin and is a real show stopper. A huge hit in Asia and the USA, It's the latest craze in Australia too.

H 2250mm X W 1780mm X L 2760mm
Weight 427kg

Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero Arcade offers players the chance to select their favourite song from a library of 50 popular titles. Choose either lead or bass guitar and rock with your favourite band. A 32" LCD monitor allows the player to join the band on stage and the High-Def Graphics give the players an in-your-face experience, unique to arcade play. Equipped with 2 Enduro-AX Industrial strength guitars, an 8 speaker sound system and over 400 LEDs Guitar Hero Arcade will turn any location into a concert hall.

Height: 218cm
Width: 102cm
Depth: 84cm
Weight: 202kg

Top Skater

Top Skater

Go for glory! Perform spectacular stunts, loops and jumps!

Skateboard like a champion on Sega's Top Skater. Score points as you jump off ramps, take off from the half-pipe and become a natural at turning some classy combo tricks.

This simulator is fantastic fun for beginners and experienced players alike.

Take your pick from the Novice, Expert or Freestyle course as you try to win the race. Earn extra points for breaking records. The awesome 3D graphics will keep you entertained for hours!

W1172 x D2700 x H2250mm

Bass Fishing

Bass Fishing

Sega's Bass Fishing will have you hooked!

Choose your strategy to lure the granddaddy bass from the murky depths of Lake Paradise. A realistic fishing rod enables you to wind and cast the reel, but don't break that line! When a fish bites, this unique fishing rod gives you a jolt and you then begin to wage a battle to complete the catch.

Pick the location from which to cast your line, using different strategies for each area, and then select which lure to use.

Fabulous 3D graphics create real life effects and draw you into this virtual fishing world that will have you believing you can actually smell those fish.

W1700 x D2745 x H2290mm
392 kg

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