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Driving Simulator Hire

Daytona USA

Driving Simulator Hire

The greatest racing game ever made! Heart pumping action!

Segas Daytona provides stunning graphics with responsive force-feedback steering that allows players to feel the road and impact of other Nascars.

Select a high speed oval course for warm up before moving to an advanced Grand Canyon run or an all-out madcap seaside course. This game allows players to improve their skills and inject their own driving style into the game-play making it an enthralling life-like experience.

For real time head-to-head competition up to four units can be linked (allowing 8 players to race), an excellent option for large functions.

H 2250mm X W 1780mm X L 2760mm
Weight 427kg

Downhill and Players

Downhill and Players

Mountain Bike Racing!!

Downhill Bikers is a great mountain bike simulator for one or two players. You can race each other or computer-generated opponents. The faster you pedal, the faster you go!

Players can steer and even pull off tricks by moving the handle bars in different ways. In total, there are over 40 unique air tricks. When the player pulls off a stunt, the machine may reward the player with a zoomed in slow motion view of the trick. The game features four selectable characters plus additional hidden characters.

Players must pace themselves to make it all the way to the end. 4 selectable characters each with a unique array of up to 40 air tricks.

Challenging terrain over two courses, the player who finds and uses the path of the least resistance will ultimately win the race. Two cabinets can be linked together for 4 players competitive action.

Dimensions Twin Unit:
W2100 x D1970 x H2100mm
450 kg. 600 watts

Horse Racing

Horse Racing

Twice As Much Fun As The Original!

Positioning, tactics and neck to neck running!

This simulator is fantastic fun for beginners and experienced players alike.

Ride your horse just like you would in real life! Pull the right side of the harness to turn right, and the left side to turn left as you take the bends in the course. Rock the horse to speed up and use the whip button for an extra spurt.

3D graphics and terrific sound effects keep you enthralled, Final Furlong 2 has 16 horses to choose from and choice of 3 different tracks: turf, dirt and steeple chase. Oh and don't forget that the weather will affect the race condition.

This racing simulator causes everyone to stop and look, and then queue for a turn! 4 twin units can be linked allowing up to eight players to race simultaneously.

W2145 x D1722 x H2256mm

Indy 500

Indy 500

Blinding speed! Intense courses! Drive in the famous Indianapolis 500!

Strap yourself in and take off in an authentic Indy 500 racing car. This simulator will have you speeding down the straight at heart stopping speed, then slowing to take those curves as tight as you can!

This classic Sega driving simulator is heaps of fun and easy for beginners or experienced drivers to master. Choose to drive an automatic or manual, speeding through a choice of three tracks. The 3D graphics are amazing!

This double unit can be linked with up to three other doubles. Imagine 8 cars simultaneously racing against each other! Excitement plus!

Dimensions Twin Unit:
W1632 x D1750 x H1916mm
392 kg

Alpine Racer

Alpine Racer

Think snow! Think speed! Think Alpine Racer 2!

Alpine Racer 2 combines stunning 3D graphics on a 50" screen with high speed and technical courses that will excite players of all levels.

Look out for monster jumps, mogul fields and multiple shortcuts as you take the downhill (speed racing) or gate racing course! Players place each of their feet in two ski "steps" and hold on to two stationary ski poles for balance. The playerKs skier on the screen mimics the movement of the ski steps as the player swings the ski steps left and right.

Average game play is 120 seconds ensuring everyone will get a chance to play. For double the fun 2 Alpine Racers can be linked. Watch people stand in line for a chance to play this simulator!

W1260 x D2380 x H2300mm
400 kg

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